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Celebrating over 40 years of providing superior service and support for our customers! We have made it our business, our only business, to cover the needs of the aviation community.

With one of the finest teams of aviation insurance professionals in the marketplace, Falcon Insurance Agency has the capability, commitment, and resources to handle any and all of your aviation insurance requirements. Falcon is fully licensed in all 50 states, with a client base that exceeds 25,000 individual aviation clients, making us one of the largest aviation insurance agencies in the country. Read More

  • Personal Aircraft

    Personal Aircraft

    Falcon provides the best insurance carriers at extremely competitive prices to single and multi engine aircraft owners who love to fly their aircraft for pleasure and business.

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  • Business & Commercial Aircraft

    Business & Commercial Aircraft

    No matter if you need coverage for your corporate flight department, charter operation, flight school or any other aircraft, Falcon has decades of experience in helping those who fly for business or are in the business of flight.

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  • Rotor Wing Aircraft

    Rotor Wing Aircraft

    Whether you fly helicopters for personal, business, air ambulance, or any other use, we'll get you the coverage that fits you best.

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  • Aviation Businesses

    Aviation Businesses

    Aviation businesses deal with complex issues and Falcon has been addressing these issues for over 35 years.  Thousands of FBOs, Fuelers, Repair & Maintenance Shops, Avionics Professionals, and even Manufacturers trust Falcon to protect their assets and cover their business activities.

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  • Agricultural Aviation

    Agricultural Aviation

    Aerial applicators all over the country have trusted Falcon to cover their assets and businesses for years, and we're experienced in fitting the right coverage to the needs of your flying service.  Falcon got it's start covering aerial applicators and are today one of the largest providers of insurance in the industry.

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  • Warbirds / Vintage Aircraft

    Warbirds / Vintage Aircraft

    Individual owners, museums and collectors trust Falcon to provide protection for their vintage aircraft.  We can provide coverage in the hangar and at the airshow for both static display and airshow performances.

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  • Drones & UAVs

    Drones & UAVs

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are quickly becoming an economic way to handle many tasks. We have the solution you need when it comes to insurance.

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  • Seaplanes


    Falcon Insurance Agency is a leading provider of insurance for seaplane and amphibian aircraft owners.

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  • Non Owned Liability

    Non Owned Liability

    Protection for individuals and/or corporations for liability arising from rental or use of aircraft they do not own or lease.

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  • Life Insurance For Pilots

    Life Insurance For Pilots

    Falcon Insurance Agency is offering complete pilot life insurance coverage for the lowest premiums.

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  • Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance

    Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance

    As the need for an affordable errors and omissions-type policy provided by a U.S. insurer that is familiar with aviation risk became apparent - both through observation and many inquiries from people in the industry - Falcon Insurance Agency now has a product addressing that need. The result is the Aviation Professional Services (APS) Liability Insurance.

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  • Drop Zone Insurance

    Drop Zone Insurance

    Drop Zones owners across the country have come to trust Falcon with their insurance needs. With 25+ years of experience in drop zone insurance, we have assisted our clients in overcoming many issues.

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