• Personal Aircraft

    All owner flown aircraft including Standard Airworthiness, experimental or homebuilt are part of what we do.  We have been providing insurance solutions for the general aviation community since our inception in 1979.  Insuring many aircraft owners from their first single engine aircraft all the way through to a Turboprop or Light Jet.

  • Business & Commercial Aircraft

    Do you own or operate a Business jet? Personal Jet? Fleet of aircraft? Flight school?  Falcon Insurance Agency can insure them all.  Just contact one of our offices for a quote.

    • Corporate

      As a business or business owner, you want the peace of mind that comes in knowing your insurance is placed with solid insurance carriers with superior coverage at a competitive price. Look no further than Falcon Insurance Agency. We deal only with Best rated “A” or better insurance carriers and have decades of experience in negotiating not only the best price for your policy, but also the best coverage available in the industry. We will take the difficulty and guesswork out of the insurance process so you can spend your time more effectively.

    • Flight Schools

      For flight school operators, having the right insurance that balances coverage and cost is an important part of running their business. Falcon Insurance Agency’s staff will work with you to understand your needs and find the insurance that fits you best.

    • Charter Operators / Aircraft Management

      Charter operators and aircraft management companies face very specific insurance needs and demand top notch service. Falcon Insurance Agency can help you manage your risk and assist you in partnering with insurance carriers who can grow and adapt as you require them to.

  • Rotor Wing Aircraft

    We speak helicopter.  Whether you are operating your helicopter offshore or for air ambulance, or any other use, having an insurance agent who understands your needs is important. Falcon Insurance Agency works with all of the top underwriters and will match you up with the best one for your needs.

  • Aviation Businesses

    Being in the business of servicing aviation is a business unlike any other. No matter your particular service line, Falcon Insurance Agency works with you to understand your business, and then provides the coverage needed to protect you and your assets.  And after your policy is in place, our team excels in service as your needs evolve.

    • Fixed Base Operators / Fuelers

      Falcon Insurance Agency insures many of the leading FBOs and fuelers across the country.  Liability, hangar and workers compensation are just a few of the coverages our team can provide.

    • Repair & Maintenance / Avionics

      If you repair and maintain aircraft, you need the best insurance at a fair price and Falcon Insurance Agency has a solution for your needs.  We will learn about your business and tailor a policy that fits your unique situation.

    • Product Manufacturers

      If you are in the business of manufacturing a product used in the aviation industry, you know how important it is to be protected against potential liability claims. Falcon Insurance Agency can help you find the right policy for your business.

  • Agricultural Aviation

    Aerial Application has changed since the days of "dusting" out of biplanes.  And insurance for aerial applicators has changed as well.  Falcon Insurance Agency has been there throughout and can keep you and your flying service up to date with the best coverage from outstanding carriers.  Hull Insurance; Crops Treated; Adjacent Fields and Farmers Owners and Growers are just a few of the coverages we can provide.

  • Warbirds / Vintage Aircraft

    Those who own and fly warbirds and vintage aircraft have very unique and often sizable assets to protect. When it comes to these aircraft, Falcon Insurance Agency is an experienced leader in the field. We've insured some of the most famous and recognizable planes in the vintage fleet including some of the more prominent aircraft museums in the country.  Keep em flying!

  • Drones & UAVs

    There is no denying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) is one of the fastest growing segments of aviation.  Falcon Insurance Agency is out in front of this rapidly evolving landscape and has several insurance carriers ready to insure your UAV and any liability coverage you might need. Click here to get a quote.

  • Seaplanes

    Falcon Insurance Agency offers seaplane and amphibian aircraft owners the most comprehensive insurance solutions available, with enhanced coverage, a variety of underwriters, and dedicated professional service. We are separated from the pack by offering higher limits of liability and competitive prices.

  • Non Owned Liability

    Whether you are just learning to fly, instructing, or flying a friends aircraft, Falcon Insurance Agency has a cutting edge solution for your needs. Click here to get a quote.

  • Life Insurance For Pilots

    Falcon Insurance Agency is offering to assist our clients in getting complete life insurance coverage for the lowest premium. Click here to get a quote.

  • Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance

    This claims-made insurance covers wrongful acts resulting in financial loss measurable in monetary terms but do not occur as a result of bodily injury or property damage. Wrongful acts are errors or omissions committed by a policyholder which arise out of the rendering of or failure to render aviation professional services. The coverage is designed to help professionals in a number of aviation and aerospace related fields including: Auditors  /  Engineers  /  Safety Experts  /  Consultants  /  Maintenance Providers  /  FBOs  /  Aircraft Sales Dealers

  • Drop Zone Insurance

    Whether you need liability only for your Cessna 182 or full coverage for your mixed fleet, Falcon has the experience and insurance company relationships to find the right company and best terms for your business. Click here to get a quote.